29 August 2009

Another French Resto Experience -- M'eh.

I don't get it.

French food is delicious. Simple. Tasty. Or at least it's supposed to be. Somehow in Toronto, it isn't working. (Or if you know some place where it is working, sign me up and email or comment.) Either way, we haven't had a lot of success.

We went to a restaurant down near the St. Lawrence Market, Le Papillon, after seeing the Toronto FC/Real Madrid game. I really wanted steak, and I had had a really nice steak there in the past, so it seemed like a good bet.

We started with one of their specials, a poached egg salad with lardon and potato.

G and I split this between us, and let me tell you, it is difficult to split a perfectly poached egg! But we managed. The salad was under-dressed, but the lardon and tomatoes were a delicious treat since this is something we don't tend to make at home. I wouldn't order it again, but it was a nice starter.

Then came the steak frites.

It was a really really skinny steak that had an odd, somewhat off-putting flavour. I am very sensitive to smell and taste, so I wasn't sure what was going on with this steak. I asked G to try it, which she gamely did, and agreed that while the steak had an odd flavour, it didn't seem off necessarily, so I ate a bit more of it. The frites were perfect, but then, they should be! I have to say I didn't enjoy this steak so much that I am unlikely to ever go back there. The only thing that could lure me back on my own accord would be the lovely space. It's where Izakaya used to be, and it's such a beautiful big open restaurant. I absolutely love being in that space. But honestly, it's not worth the questioning meat.

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