14 August 2009


In the bottom of NBC Studios (next to the entrance to the NBC Store) there's a little chocolate shop. We stopped in because they had my favorite sweet in all the world... macaroons. Not the nasty coconut abominations, but the real French macaroon deal.

Not cheap, oh no, and they were really only okay, not jaw-droppingly-stop-in-the-street-with-tears-in-your-eyes-because-you-only-want-to-eat-this-one-thing-for-the-rest-of-what-you-thought-would-be-miserable-but-now-is-exquisite-life good. No not at all. The winner of that title is Laduree in France.

But this was okay...

Chocolate innards? No thanks. Too much. I want vanilla. Pure delicious vanilla. Mucking it all up with chocolate is so American. (tee hee, I can say that being American, you see...)

Anyway, you'd think I'd have taken some notes while in NY so these entries would be more than 'there's this place over there with some food" but hey, you can't teach this old dog new tricks.

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David W. Nees said...

I am not sure that ever in my life I have had something that was "jaw-droppingly-stop-in-the-street-with-tears-in-your-eyes-because-you-only-want-to-eat-this-one-thing-for-the-rest-of-what-you-thought-would-be-miserable-but-now-is-exquisite-life good." Damn!
D :)


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