29 August 2009

Not Such a Good Experience.

My friend J and I met up for dinner a couple of weeks back. She suggested a Mexican restaurant that she had wanted to try, and who am I to say no to Mexican food?

We met at Chimichanga at Yonge and Eglinton one evening after work. I had poured through the menu on-line to make certain that I had an idea of what to eat, and was excited to be giving it a try. I was excited by the sound of the food, lots of tacos and enchiladas, fresh sounding ingredients and a menu of diverse but different things. My interest was peaked!

We started with the "table made" guacamole. This was not really table made. It was made behind our table, about three tables away, for a whole bunch of tables throughout the restaurant. It was actually kind of disturbing, but it tasted nice...

It seemed okay so far. We just chatted away and waited for our pork enchilada's to come tableside. We were having a great chat, catching up on work, wedding plans (hers!), and plans for the future. Then the food arrived...

Beans, rice, and corn enchiladas with pork innards and salsa and sour cream on top. It was okay, really greasy and somewhat off tasting. But of course, I persevered and ate my dinner.

Big mistake.

By the time we left, J looked not well. I thought she just might be really tired, so I didn't say much about it. My stomach was crazily rumbling so I decided to head home via a bit of a walk. That didn't last long as my stomach kept gurgling.

I came home, went to bed, and just completely collapsed. I went to sleep completely out of sorts with myself. Then I woke up at around 2pm and vomited for quite some time. It was brutal. The next morning, I wrote to J and she said that she had been sick as well, different stomach upset but stomach upset all the same. I can't say I will ever go back there, though the wait staff was completely awesome and very nice to us. And I know the reviews are mixed, but I just can't get behind a place that made me so crazily sick. Who knows.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh damn, that sounds bad :(
Sorry to hear that. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food myself, so I doubt I'll ever venture there.

dynagrrl said...

Yeah, I would not recommend it...

Ray said...

I have been there a few times and enjoyed myself.


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