15 December 2009

Cooking Class #3 -- I feel like chicken tonight!

My third cooking class (in SEPTEMBER! How slow am I in posting?!) had one of my favorite starters.

YUM! Cheesy toast with basil and a lightly lightly seasoned cauliflower. I was probably about four weeks or so into Weight Watchers on this one, so I made myself eat the veggies (I loathe cauliflower) but the bread was wonderful!

We started class by making a bread pudding... with full fat cream. Which meant little ol' me ate a little ol' bit and threw the rest away... but look at it...

I packaged it up before taking a photo, so there is it with the lid lifted for a photo op!

Here's the starter plate...

A chunk of bread, eggs, cream, nutmeg, booze, butter... it had the works. The recipe was pretty easy to make and Ian told us of a bunch of good alternatives to sweet bread pudding, like savory bread puddings such as breakfast strata's, etc. It was delicious!

We also made a chili shrimp...

This was so easy... we put in shrimp, chili sauce, oil, citrus... and then quickly fried it up into a delicious amount of goodness. am not a huge fan of shrimp, but this was pretty good.

We also made baked chickens...

Here it is all gussied up and ready for the roasting tray. Taking a fancy cooking class has its perks... the chicken was already all clean! There were some errant feathers, but overall, it was pretty easy breezy.

And here are the chickens cooling their heels after a sauna...

(This is probably my favorite photo from all of my classes... after I took mine, a few others took some as well!!!)

And here's my individual bird, all ready for eatin'...

That is a good lookin' bird! I brought it home with whatever else we made that night (the photos don't tell the complete story!) and G and I feasted!

As I mentioned many posts ago, I accidentally deleted cooking class 4 when I go my new camera, so nothing but the memories on that one. I highly highly highly recommend the Calphalon cooking classes. It was so much fun and I really did learn a lot about how to cook using a variety of different techniques.

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