28 December 2009


I often read WW blogs from the US with envy. There is so much access to low-point substitutes in the States that we don't have in Canada. So you can imagine how much I rejoiced when I saw the one point Pita Break sandwich thins! I snapped them up and headed home to try out a great hamburger idea!

Yippie! We took the hamburger buns and toasted them in the oven, cooked the hamburger patty (just super lean meat with a little salt and pepper) in a very hot pan on the stove top, mashed up some avocado with a little bit of chipotle hot sauce, sliced some tomato, and grabbed some fat free cheese slices from the fridge! It was very filling, totally delicious, and really satisfied my hamburger craving.

The hamburger buns were brilliant, though because of the holes, the toppings ran out a bit. But I really enjoyed it, and G actually ate all of the bun, which she never does with traditional hamburger buns!

I've been seeing these buns all over, so run to your neighborhood Loblaw's and get some!

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