12 April 2010

Goat chops alla diavolla

Again, J is away so it's time to break into the goat that is still in the freezer from the farm. This time it's chops. I'd not opened the packages so was not sure what to expect but I think they were loin chops. Anywho, was going to do some Indian-style but that required hours of marinating and a lot of ingredients and I was in the mood for quick. So I adapted an Italian lamb chop recipe I found online and it was pretty good and had a bit of a kick to it as well, so that fit the bill for my current need to eat chilis every day (and I don't mean the restaurant chain!)

So here it is:

If you have one, toss the chops onto the bbq, if you don't then settle for the frying or grill pan like I did. Cook them to your liking.

The sauce is simple. A few cloves of garlic sauteed in olive oil with some hot pepper flakes. Now I was only making one serving and used two cloves of garlic, which wasn't enough, so use as much as you need for your liking of the garlic and pepper flakes. Once the garlic gets a bit brown, splash some white wine in there. Chop up a good handful of parsley and once the wine has burned off all the alcohol and evaporated a bit, toss in the parsley just so it gets covered in the hot-garlicky oil and gets the flavours. You don't really want the parsley to cook.

Once the chops are done, put the parsley sauce over the chops. I served it with some steamed asparagus. Add a bit of fresh lemon juice to the whole thing and serve. The entire preparation of the dish took maybe 20 minutes.

And while goat may not appeal to most people, it is really delicious. The flavour is less strong than lamb but with a bit more oomph than beef. It is also much less greasy, and lower cholesterol than lamb. I can't account for comparison with pork chops . . .  Try 'em if you find 'em, you never know.

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Looks delicious!


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