17 April 2010

Kitty Litter for the Kitties.

The lovely folks at Matchstick asked me if I wanted to try a new cat litter product, Purina Maxx Scoop, that is made for the toots' who live in small spaces.  Free litter?  Bring it!

I got a big box of goodies, a Cozy Corner Cat Litter Box, a Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat, a new Rubbermaid scoop, and some cat treats in addition to the coupons for the litter.

Problem 1, finding the litter.  Had to go to a Walmart in the burbs to get it and it took some time.  Not driving a lot, it's hard to just "pick-up" cat litter!  Plus, the cat litter box was broken when it arrived, but workable.

Nevertheless, we found the litter last weekend and have been using it for about a week now.  First impressions:

Litter box, useless.  It's huge but not a lot of cat-sitting-on-the-butt space, and with how shallow it is, our cats have managed to get litter EVERYWHERE.  It's all over the house.  And Beanie likes to eat that mat, so I have found little brown pieces everywhere.  Sigh.  Beanie eats everything.  She's a mess.

But the litter itself is fantastic!!!  Really tops.  It doesn't smell like litter, even though the litter itself has a sweet smell, and the price is right compared to the expensive stuff we buy at the pet store.  I don't know if the tracking is because of the size of the litter, but I really suspect it's because they take a runner out of the box, and it's just everywhere.  So, we're going back to their Ye Olde Box.

Honestly, though, the litter seems good.  A week in and while I've been out of town and the cleaning has been less diligent, there's no litter smell.  So yeah for Purina Maxx Scoop coupons.  Email me or leave a comment if you want a coupon, I have three to give away!  (First come first winners in this one.)

Thanks Matchstick and Purina!

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