26 April 2010

Schnitzel the size of a dinner plate

The quest for schnitzel is low-grade but continuous. We've found a couple of okay places but nothing great. The other day when scooting around town I noticed this place on Bloor Street that I vaguely remember going to when I was a kid. So on Sunday J and I went to give Country Style Hungarian Restaurant a go. It is old school!!
 I also love the pierogies and there were some on the menu served up with Hungarian sausage so we had to have a try. They could have had a tad more potato and cheese filling but came with tremendous amounts of delicious and crispy fried onions with a smokey little sausage on top and some sour cream on the side! Lovely and not for those on a low-fat diet.
 Then the star of the show, the schnitzel. I ordered the regular and J ordered the chicken. They were deep fried and we got them with dumplings. We also got a small salad to start and I had the sweet and also vinegary thinly sliced cucumber salad and J had the coleslaw, which was not of the creamy variety and she said was quite delicious. Anywho . . . HUGE and DEEP FRIED. Wow. Pretty good right out of the fryer but really heavy duty. Underneath there somewhere are the edges of the plate, which are barely holding in the dumplings.

Did not eat it all (and it was not good warmed up the next day) in order to leave space for the dessert: Hungarian pancakes or palacsinta. You can have them with all manner of fillings but I opted for the walnut/sugar combo.

Absolutely delicious but really just a bit too much after all of this. Good thing J is carbo loading for her run coming up this weekend. Me . . . well just loading on the carbs with this meal anyway.

Service was really friendly. What I also enjoyed was that in addition to salt and pepper, there's a shaker of paprika on the table! It's cash only though and while not expensive, not overly cheap. The main courses run about $17.

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