20 April 2010

Scootin' to Koreatown

I couldn't resist the weather outside and had to head out on the scooter tonight. J is away, the house has just been cleaned and I didn't want to dirty up the kitchen. And when scooting, it always helps to have a destination and it being dinner time I thought I'd try one of the restaurants in Koreatown to have some bibimbap. So I headed off to Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu at the corner of Bloor and Clinton (which may become my favourite corner in the city as Tacos El Asador is across the road).

First it came with many sides, which I think were soy beans of some nature, daikon, sprout and carrot salad, kimchee, miso soup, and hot sauce/paste (pic taken with my new BlackBerry that has, well the capacity to take photos, how revolutionary!).

The bibimbap was delicious. Used the whole load of hot sauce in there. It was not oily at all and the vegetables were all delicious. The hot stone bowl was very hot and crisped up the rice fantastically. It was a lot of goodness in a bowl.

That and a coke for $9. Or you can go crazy and have a beer there for $3.02! Good deal and good eats. Service is fast and pleasant. And chilis acquired for the day!

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