19 February 2007

Disney (Day 2 -- Animal Kingdom).

We woke up to a much chillier Orlando, but unfazed, I donned my new Mickey Mouse tshirt, a sweater, a jacket and a turtleneck in my bag and went forth! Lunch was actually very good, we ate the BBQ restaurant at Animal Kingdom. Unfortunately, no pics exist. And why is that? Well, listen to a little story...

We go and get our delightful lunch of bbq'd brisket sandwiches, baked beans and corn on the cob, iced tea (unsweetened, natch) and the BEST chocolate cake just about ever. Ah, we find a place in the sun near a little windy path, it's quite, there's a little bit of a pond, we sit down, and then it happens. SURROUNDED BY DUCKS! Now small little animals of that variety terrify me. (Had these ducks been squirrels, I would have passed right on out.) So, unfortunately, my attention was so focused on these ducks, photos could not, did not, happen.

But to give you a little taste... The meat was shredded and not very saucy. They had a sauce dispenser so you could sauce it up to your little hearts content. The beans were oddly sweet and very smokey, the corn was that frozen niblet ear corn that we used to eat when I was kid. The cake, made by cake fairies on high. It was moist and chocolatey with these crunchy sugar hearts on top. Oh man oh man oh man.

The day hit a snag when we road the Kalahari Rapid ride (or something like that). I bought a Mickey Mouse poncho (a bargain at $7 USD) and the woman assured us this would keep us high and dry on the water ride. One word can describe that vendor... LIAR!!! I left the ride COMPLETELY soaked. G, being the trooper only G can be, valiantly dried my pants in the heater for some time, but they were still quite wet. So after that, every time we passed a bathroom, I went in and stuck my behind under the dryer! In an hour or so, I was pretty dry, but it was a pretty miserable hour.

Regardless... for dinner that night we had reservations at Boma, located in the Animal Kingdom resort. G was really looking forward to this one, because it features a number of African items. We were not disappointed! G absolutely was thrilled that they had sudsa (they called pap or bap or something)... essentially, it's like a polenta with a tomato sauce. And they had peanut rice, which G said her nanny in Rhodesia used to make for her, essentially cooked rice mixed with peanut butter!

Here's the plate of food I had....

Starting at the bottom, there's the sudsa. Clockwise from that is the peanut rice, then lamb sausages, roast potato, corn bread, spoon corn bread with meat, prime rib and falafel. I didn't eat this entire plate. The spoon corn bread was quite sweet and I am not a fan of meat with sweet flavours, and the peanut rice was indeed rice with peanut butter... okayyyyy. The prime rib was quite good and the sudsa was good, really thick. G said that in Africa, it's eaten with your hands, so it has to be pretty thick.

I ate some of it, then got another plate...

This time I had roasted chicken, which was incredible and this morrocan couscous that had sweet potato and carrot in it. Delish! I was far too full for dessert, so this was it for me! The Animal Kingdom Lodge is actually really nice. When we were sitting on the main floor in front of a fire, we saw a zebra stroll by!! It's very different from the Pop Century resort where G and I stayed!

All in all, it was a good food day. Boma is a really good restaurant, and I recommend it. The kids menu there (and there were a shocking number of adults eating from the kids bar) had the normal standard fare, chicken nuggets, mac and cheez, etc. I don't have kids, so I am all righteous about this with no reason to be, but seeing the trash kids eat, I am shocked.

On another note, tomorrow is our first CSA box!!! I think it has beets in it, which I am not crazy about, but I love beet risotto, so that is going to be on the menu this week for sure. AND if you know me, you know I love love love food magazines. Well, on the plane to Tampa, someone had left a copy of Rachel Ray's magazine. I can't stand her, but I am not going to turn down a free magazine (especially one I have been interested in seeing, but refusing to buy!). And it had a LOT of good recipes! I couldn't believe that it suckered me in so completely. I still won't buy it... do they have a website?

So ends day two. Day three, you ask??? Ohhhh. Just a little dinner with Winnie the Pooh and co.!!!

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Anonymous said...

loved you post but just to correct sadsa is written Sadza but pronounced the way you wrote it. The rice is one of our favourite food traditionally. I stay in Zimbabwe the former Rhodisia


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