22 February 2007

Disney (Day Three -- the Magic Kingdom).

And it is magical!!!

Being that it was quite cold last Friday in Disney, we have several layers of clothes on, always a nice thing for the pictures! Also, we were having a very early dinner at 4pm with the characters from Pooh's Corner, so no lunch, only early dinner, then late snack.

Being surrounded by Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyore made me forget all about taking pics of the food, but I did take some mighty fine pics of the buffet, including the prime rib man. This buffet was at the Crystal Palace, right off Main Street in the Kingdom. It was actually fairly plain food, prime rib, roast turkey, garlic mashed potatoes (with not nary a hint of garlic), etc. The kids menu was decked out with mac n cheese, green beans and chicken fingers. Poor kids. The prime rib was incredibly rare, so the prime rib man put it on the grill for me WITHOUT ROLLING HIS EYES! Goodness! Ya gotta love Disney!

See for yourself...

So yeah, lots o' food. The best part, though, was having snaps with Pooh and co. Here's me and a little fellow you may know as Piglet...

And another good friend of mine, the big smoocher Tigger...

As you can see, I put aside my fear of furry large animals in order to live in the moment.

After this, it was more rides (I highly recommend the Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland), and then off to the parade and fireworks, which were really amazing. Back to the hotel for a late night snack, which I took no pictures of, and ready to go. We left the next day, back to TO, where we promptly both got colds!!!

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