26 February 2007

CSA Box and lunch!

We got our first CSA box. It was a nice little package of parsnips (which I don't like), organic lettuce with the stem, onion, earthy smelling potatoes, carrots, cilantro and a whack of beets. We didn't get a ton of any one thing, which was a little disappointing, but which worked out this time, as G had a massive cold all week, and I was sick, we didn't end up cooking or eating much for the first week.

Here's a pic:

I tried taking this photo with the fluorescent light setting on my camera, but it seems quite blue...Hmmm.

Anyway, as I am starting a new job tomorrow, I am trying desperately to get over the sick today! I am drinking tons of oj, staying home, and doing a combination of freaking out and relaxing. But, yesterday, as we were trying to get better, we decided to go out for breakfast, but ended up getting lunch.

We went to this place called the Church Street Diner. It's in our neighborhood, so it's walking distance, which is the most deluxe thing about living downtown. Anyway, I had the club sandwich and fries. It was a grilled chicken breast with bacon, dill mayo, and tomato. I asked for (and received) no lettuce on my sandwich because warmed lettuce makes me a bit ill.

See for yourself (the sandwich, not the ill)....

It was alright. The fries LOOKED good, but they were oddly not crispy, just sort of weird tasting. Anyway, next time, I will likely stay with the brunch food at the Diner because it really is outstanding.

Hopefully, we will continue to feel better and get properly into this CSA box. I am looking into finding a community garden allotment for next year. I think that would be good fun.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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