07 February 2007

Thoughts on a Healthy Planet and a Healthy Me.

I just finished reading the Omnivore's Dilemma. I highly highly recommend it. It's really made me think about the food I eat and how I can balance convenience with sustainability of the planet, and the opting out of the industrialized food chain. It seems at once both oddly difficult and oddly easy, but I know that at the end of the day, laziness is prone to win out, so I am trying to find a full proof way of moving forward...

As I ponder, the cat sleeps.

Okay, this wasn't today, but man, he's a cute cat...

So as I am spending the afternoon off researching pasture fed beef in Ontario and CSA's, I thought I would post my Superbowl photos... We had a bit of a feast in our house for the Superbowl viewing. I made a spectacular chili, with fixin's and our friend brought over this enormous bowl of tandoori chicken wings, which I ate DESPITE the fact they are on the bone! But they were easy to pick the meat off the bone, so I chowed down. What did this spread look like?

Corn muffins from the Jiffy mix. Whew!

I also had made a recipe for Rigatoni al Forno by David Rocco (of the Food Network). Despite my cutting the eggplant far too thick, it was all sorts of good. The sauce is really simple, and I think next time I made add a little spinach and mushrooms to the sauce.

As you can see, the first photo is straight out of the oven, the next is plated with a lovely salad G made! We bought this amazing fresh mozzarella from Kensington Market, and a fantastic smoked moz, as well. It was really fresh tasting.

So I just phoned G at work to discuss the CSA boxes. I think she is ready for me to go back to work, I have way toooo much leisure time right now. The benefit of this? Catching up on all the Heroes I missed, as well as sitting and spending my morning reading. Anyway, the CSA boxes are a definite go, I have narrowed it down to three different ones. I found a pasture meat farm in Chatham (which is where, exactly, I don't know)... ah ha, G just phoned and has informed me it's near Sarnia, on the way to Michigan. Why, that's not close at all.

I was reading about this one meat farmer who sells their wares at the St. Lawrence Market, and it seemed all good until it lists one of its suppliers as CARGILL! COME ON!

Anyway, we are going to sort out the CSA tonight and order it, so I will keep the blog posted on the outcome of that! (Hold on to your hats, i may start eating more veggies!)

Otherwise, it's another cold day here in paradise. any good book suggestions? Send them my way.


Garrett said...

Awww, he looks like my moms cat!

Anonymous said...

I liked the other design better.
- Pooks


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