09 March 2008

A 50th Celebration!

G's Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week... We wanted to do something nice, but the big party isn't going to be held until the summer when their friends get back from Florida. So, we decided to have brunch at the King Eddy hotel with just us grown-ups in attendance.

It was really really lovely. G's sister-in-law T contacted the Prime Minister's office and ordered 50th Anniversary celebratory letters from a number of government folk. (You don't get the Queen's letter until your 60th!) It was such a lovely gesture, and we all appreciated T's thoughtfulness. G's parent's seemed very touched, and her father gave a lovely speech that had us all in tears.

The King Edward hotel is old and feels very grand. The room where the brunch is held is quite nice, with ornate walls and a harpist in the corner going about the harp. It's all very civilized.

The brunch was tasty.

There were basically three main stations. The first was a huge cold salad, seafood, meats, cheese and bread buffet. The food was delightful!!!

This was my first course. Some lovely asparagus, marinated mushrooms, meats, cheeses, humus, baba ganoush, and pita. Oh yeah. Lovely lovely lovely.

I have been on a marinated mushrooms kick, really enjoying them. I have always loved mushrooms, and as a kid, I used to eat them straight from the Del Monte jar. Then I moved onto raw mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and Kraft blue cheese salad dressing. The love affair kept growing. But I digress....

The next round was the "mains" course... Really nice. They had a GORGEOUS beef wellington, amazing ham, amazing cheesey pasta (I really should write these things down AT THE TIME), and other goodies...

Oh yeah. It's a little washed out, but it tasted JUST FINE! The pasta was amazing. More mushrooms, and this lovely, rich alfredo-y sauce. (I did go back for seconds, okay?!) Everyone else seemed to enjoy what was on offer, and I didn't walk around snapping photos of everyone's plates (there were 8 of us seated in the very middle of this rather large room), but we all raved about the food endlessly.

From there, we took a bit of a breather and then headed to the dessert table.

On this plate you have chocolate mousse, creme brulee and rice pudding. On the other side of this picture, you have a girl smiling like a loon!

I really enjoyed it... it's slightly pricey ($50/per person) but there is an enormous selection of food, you get drinks (including fresh squeezed orange juice), and a harpist. You usually have to pay extra for that!

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