05 March 2008

Las Vegas -- Day 5.

(Sorry for the delay in continuing on with Vegas. We had a few Torchwood's to catch up on and I got lured into MasterChef!)

Day 5 took a turn away from what we had planned. On the plan was a little road trip to the Grand Canyon. We nixed that idea because G hadn't gotten to go to the Atomic Testing Museum. She really wanted to go, and we sort of didn't get to it when we were supposed to because I was buying too many clothes, so change of plans. I didn't want to go, but it was actually remarkably interesting. I am glad we went. Worth the money and the time, get yerself in a cab and get there next time you are in Las Vegas!

After that, we were ready for some lunch, and well, there are a lot of places to eat in Las Vegas. I was really drawn by the Border Grill. It is the Vegas outpost for the Too Hot Tamales. Back in the early days of the Food Network when I was a young girl in school, I was hooked on their show. I watched it religiously in the afternoons, and I really always wanted to eat at their restaurant.

Fortunately, G is all about the Mexican food, so convincing her to take a detour to the Mandalay Bay hotel for lunch was not a hard sell.

We had a 9 foot tall waitress. Okay, she wasn't 9 feet tall really, but she was tall.

I ordered a beer, G ordered a margarita, we asked for some guac, and we kicked up our heels and relaxed our way through the menu. The tall waitress suggested that if we were meat eaters, which we are, that we order something with the carne asada. GOOD CALL!

Yum yum yum. I ordered the tacos because a) they came with two kinds of rice; b) beans with cheese; and c) TACOS WITH MEAT, GUAC, AND SALSA! BRING IT ON!

It was really good. G ordered the carne asada quesadilla, which was also very good but decidedly NOT photogenic. Oh no.

For dinner, at midnight, we had a cheeseburger in paradise at Jimmy Buffet's restaurant. No pics, just nice grub. Viva Las Vegas!!!

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