09 March 2008


I had a hankering for lasagna. I really wanted cheese-y lovely lasagna. And I wanted to make it, but I haven't had the best luck lately with my attempts at pasta -- you can scroll back for my less than successful spaghetti carbonara!

But, I decided to just give it a go... and it was good.

Look at that!

This is how I made it...

I browned one pound of extra lean ground beef with an onion and some minced garlic. I added a bunch of quartered mini mushrooms, and let that cook for a few minutes. I then added in some dry spices: oregano, basil, parsley and a bay leaf. I let that all brown for a minute. Then came in the can of crushed roma tomatoes, a little dash of Belazu balsamic vinegar, and a prayer that it all comes together.

I then took the fresh President's Choice Whole-Wheat lasagna sheets out of the package and cut them down to fit the pan I was using. I grated a bunch o' mozarella and mixed that with parmesan cheese.

After letting the sauce cook for a bout 40 minutes, uncovered on the stove, I started my assembly. Meat, noodle, meat, cheese, noodle, and so on until the whole pan was filled to the brim. In the oven at 375 for 40 minutes, covered, then an additional 15 or so uncovered.


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