01 March 2008

Vegas Day 2.

We woke up in our nicely suited hotel room in the MGM Grand. It was very comfortable. Really big. And you could waltz through the bathroom. Nice.

We started the day by having breakfast at the Paris Hotel Buffet. I am embarrassed to say that I didn't take any pictures of any of the food. Not a one. (Hey! Isn't this a food blog?!) I woke up ready for our shopping extravaganza that was planned, but with a killer migraine. I could really barely stand to eat, let alone feel up to photographing the whole thing.

And I have to say, it wasn't that good. We went on a weekday, not the fabled weekend brunch with many delicacies and specialties. No. We had the regular weekday breakfast, and it wasn't all that. There were okay eggs, lots of icky meat (and I eat meat, but the meat was poorly cooked and looked like it had been out for awhile), and lots of specialties. G had a crepe made for her that she raved about. I just wanted to drown my sorrows in Excederin.

The Paris Hotel was really quite brilliant. I thought it would be really cheese-y based on what I had heard, but I really enjoyed the feel of it. But every hotel in Vegas is crazy dark. I don't get it.

Off to the outlet mall. And whoa. We really managed to get some gooood deals. I bought a few suits at Ann Taylor, shoes at Bass, sweaters at Banana Republic, and some nice shirts at Calvin Klein. All good. The headache was still going strong, and G and I hightailed it back to the hotel so I could take a nap before we were off for the opening night of Bette Midler!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. G and I managed to get our hands on tickets for Bette. And after a bit of a nap and a piece of pizza, a good time was had by all. If you are in Vegas, I highly recommend a trip there.

But since I haven't had a single pic posted yet... here's me...

This is actually day three, but what you don't know won't hurt you!!!

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