01 March 2008

Vegas Day Three!

After Better Midler, we did quite a bit of walking around. My headache had abated, and I was ready to go out and see the town. But then my old ladyness kicked in, and I had to go to bed!

After we woke up the next morning, we got ready and headed down to the Casino to watch some folks playing craps. G really wanted to play craps, but we had no idea how to play. So we took the advice of one of our travel guides that said to go in the morning and observe. The people who run the tables are really nice, and really let us ask questions, even though we weren't betting.

We headed off to breakfast at La Salsa Cantina. It was cheap, right on the strip, and had a breakfast burrito.

As you can see, this mammoth burrito came with beans and potatoes. Both were tasty. The burrito was stuffed with a fresh salsa and scrambled eggs. No innard shots, as the restaurant was filling up at that point!

Good chow.

Off we went, down the deceptively long strip. We wanted to go to the 'Star Trek Experience' and were really looking forward to see what that was all about. But we also knew that we could get half price tickets at one of the ticket booths. But alas, it was too early. So what are two girls to do but shop?! Another suit, and a fantastic white sweater at Ann Taylor. What can I say? I love their clothes!

As we shopped and walked and just basically hung out, we saw the sights...

And then we went into the Venetian. It's very odd how some of the hotel's have this outside inside feel...

But pretty!

And the Venetian has it's own canal.

But G wasn't down with the lines for rides. So boo. Actually, it seemed kind of silly, so we just kept heading towards the far more grown-up and serious Star Trek Experience.

I have never professed to being anything but a total geek. Ever. I am not cool. I have no illusions. I watch Doctor Who and Torchwood religiously. I own all the Star Wars movies. I have actual action figures on my desk. Geek. So when I SQUEALED WITH GLEE during the first Star Trek "experience" I was in no way embarrassed with myself. G might have been, but me? I was just having too much of a good time to care. My only sadness was that I didn't get to wear the costume.

BUT. I did pay the extra fee to have my picture taken in Picard's chair. And that, my friends, was an experience of a lifetime. Honestly. A better time had never been had by a girl. Ever.

Quark's Bar, rules. G had her picture with a Klingon (a real Klingon! hee hee) and honestly. I could have wept with the cheeseball joy of the whole event.

From there, it was off to dinner at the Bellagio Buffet. Now I am not so hoity-toity as to be all, "oh buffets are so beneath me". Oh no, not at all. And this one was more like it. Sushi bar, pasta bar, carvery, cold salads, hot salads, kids section, pizza, and a million crab legs. I ate a good few plates of food...

Here are G's legs. Wait. Her CRAB legs.

And here's my, um, um, sigh, (look away), second plate of food.

So there are some sauteed shrooms, some very bright cannelloni, some cheese and bacon tortellini, green leek spaetzel, buffalo strip loin, pasta with meet sauce...

It was all good. It didn't change my life. And I had read a review on Tripadvisor that it was kind of like a Denny's, and it was. But the food was good, G had her craving for crab legs met, and all was good.

And the Bellagio fountains. Wow. WOW. WOW. Go see them. No, seriously, go now.

So all in all, a good day three!!!

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