21 March 2009

A Bad Picture of a Good Lunch.

On day three, G's family joined us downtown for a walk-about. I was really excited to get into Cape Town proper, and we went to the African Craft Market (which is overwhelming!!!), had a coffee, stopped at the CNW and bought some food magazines (!), and just soaked in the sites.

After soaking, we decided that a spot of lunch was in order. We somehow ended up wandering into a little pasta place that had seating outside. The restaurant had a long display case full of different types of cold and hot pastas, and you could pick either one or two pastas for your lunch. I can't remember the name of the place or the cost of the food. And really, all I have is a mostly crap picture of the wonderful gnocchi and chicken pasta that I had. So of course, I share with you...

It was really good. Not the best pasta ever, but for wandering in off a busy street on a busy day with a group of people, it hit the spot nicely!!!

Is there any food that Cape Town can't make?!

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