08 March 2009

Plane Food... Dinner and Breakfast, in that order.

Full of pasty and ready to get onto Cape Town, we headed back to Heathrow. Terminal 5 is massive and I eyed the restaurants where we could eat on the way home (like the Boy Scouts, I am always prepared). Safely on board our 747 and bound for Cape Town, we ate our worcester pretzels and drank our drinks as we chatted.

Then came dinner. I don't know how they do it, but it's like they spray some delicious food spray throughout the plane that makes you start craving dinner. Then, they start passing around the special dinners and we eagerly await our dinner, straining to hear what's on offer.

This time? Chicken and ratatouille OR beef lasagna. And in the spirit of sharing, I ordered the lasagna and G got the chicken.

We both got a little green salad with slivers of beetroot.

And our main food package had a description of the innards.

And the inner picture looked very similar...

It was quite delicious! Not the best thing I'd ever eaten, but there were layers of tender pasta with a meaty sauce and an excellent bechamel.

G's chicken had an excellent barley pilaf and ratatouille.

It was tasty, actually. It had a very healthy flavour, and G seemed to enjoy it.

For dessert, we had a delicious frangipane.

It was lovely, really. It was almondy and rich.

As soon as we finished, it was lights out for dynagrrl. We flew overnight to Cape Town, which is great because you leave in the evening and you get to sunny paradise like Cape Town in the morning. I rested as well as I could on a plane, while G watched movies and dozed off and on.

Drinks started coming around again hours later, and the smell of breakfast started filling the cabin. The choice was frittata OR full english breakfast. Twist my arm. We both ordered the full english.

The bacon under the egg was gag inducing, but the egg itself was delicious, as were the mushrooms and tomato. Juice good. Yogurt good. Muffin too sweet. I'm not talking about the sausage because gag inducing doesn't come close.

We ate. I started getting antsy. The full english started rumbling like mad in my belly and soon we were on the ground in bright sunny Cape Town!

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