21 March 2009

The Miller's Thumb.

I had read about a restaurant called the Miller's Thumb. The guidebooks and some variety of magazine that I read raved about it, calling it a not-to-be-missed experience.

Fortunately, S & L were already on the case, had booked a baby-sitter, and were planning to take us there. They are truly excellent hosts and should run a guest house. It was such a pleasant experience.

So for dinner on the Wednesday night, off we went to the Miller's Thumb. Wow. It was really wonderful! (I can't believe I am only blogging dinner from Wednesday of the first week. I am so behind.)

Frist off, the Miller's Thumb is a lovely restaurant on a quiet street. It's not huge, but it's very comfortable inside and has a delightful menu and extremely friendly staff.

To start, I ordered their crab stuffed mushrooms. These were amazing and I have craved them since we've returned.

The mushrooms had a really nice crab flavour, and a sharp cheese-y tang that really went well with the baked mushroom cap. I have always been a big fan of mushrooms, and the crab stuffed mushroom is way up at the top of the list of ways to eat them!

G and S ordered a game carpaccio. I can't remember what kind of meat it was, but it was really really red.

Carpaccio is one of those things that you either love or hate. Okay, maybe that's not so true. I would never order regular carpaccio on my own, but I am happy to nibble a bite or two off of G's when she orders it. She'd eat it for a whole dinner, she really really loves it. But this one really tested my limits, and I didn't try it.

G wasn't enamoured with it, either. The slices of meat were far too thick and G says that she had a very difficult time eating it. I am glad I didn't order it.

For mains, S raved about the jumbalaya and he ordered it up...

S patiently let me take the picture, and then he was forced to wait again while I snapped a close-up of the prawn that was staring at me...

I so want to like prawns, but when their feelers brush my arm... *shudder* ... it's no good.

Nevertheless, the jumbalaya was SENSATIONAL. It was really spicey, the rice was perfectly cooked and slightly creamy, the sausage and fish in the jumbalaya were perfectly cooked and added such a nice balance to the creamy rice. It was spectacular. And an enormous portion!

I ordered the Green Curry with brown rice. There were two reasons for this... one, I am slightly gun shy of ordering fish and I'd rather try everyone else's and then start to see things that I like, and two, I was craving brown rice and sauce, and the idea of the green curry really checked those boxes. Well, the reality of the green curry checked those boxes, as well!

Oh yeah. Lots of spinach, lots of sauce, lots of beef, and a bowl of brown rice. HEAVEN. I enjoyed this so much I think there wasn't a spot of sauce left! It was such a different curry from what I am used to. Maybe that's the Malay influence?

So another good meal in Cape Town. It's a food city and there's a lot of amazing food to be had. Coming up? Our trip to the Slow Food Market!!!

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