08 March 2009

The Coast with the Most.

Our intrepid 'guide', S, took us to Fish Hoek for fish and chips after a delightful sojourn through the botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch. It's just beautiful. Mountains and ocean in one place? That's right.

I went with S to order the fish and chips, and he suggested that I try this great Namibian beer that is very low alcohol...

Yum! The Windhoek Light is very low in alcohol (so having two was not out of the question on my first full day in Cape Town!) and absolutely delicious. I looked for it at the LCBO here, but no.

Then came our fish and chips... OH MY GOODNESS. The box looked promising and the smell coming from it was greasy fishy goodness.

The little box is no nonsense. The fish and chips is not.

Wow. It was sizeable. The fish was crisp and steamy, the chips were delightfully crisp but soft inside. Now, knowing the local lingo, I asked the woman behind the counter for some 'tomato sauce' for my chips, knowing that I sounded exactly like a local. Oh yeah, save for my American accent and tourist look of wonder!

The package of tomato sauce came out, and it was as hoped, ALL GOLD, the local brand.

I don't know how much I talk about ketchup on my blog, but I have had a certain fondness for ketchup my entire life. I have to confess, that fondness has waned a bit in my adult years, but it's still there, and I love trying ketchup in different places. (For example, ketchup in Canada is much sweeter compared to ketchup in the US. As a result, I often bring ketchup home to Canada when I visit the States.)

Regardless, the tomato sauce/ketchup was very vinegary and delicious with my fish and chips. Bring it!

From there, we went to a area of Cape Town called Camps Bay. It's very swanky. S asked if we wanted to stop and have a drink, and we agreed. Once out of the car, we confessed that we were not huge drinkers, but would love to have a moment to walk around. So we did. Then S said, "OH, my favorite ice cream store is up the street, should we stop?" And of course we had to agree to go give it a try. After all, it was his favorite ice cream restaurant.

I had a wonderful ice cream. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It was an amazing vanilla ice cream with some sort of shortbread cookie dough in it. ARGH! I canNOT remember what it was called, but it was delish!

And all of this delicious food was just the warm up to an amazing dinner.

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