28 September 2007

All my bags are packed...

and I'm (almost) ready to go.

Well, I don't know how it happened, but it's officially time for vacation. G and I are packed up and ready to head out. It's been somewhat exhausting getting to this point, with lots of late work nights and stressed out sleeps, but it's here, and work will just have to live without me for awhile.

Suffice it to say, we are both really tired, and hopefully, we will get on the plane tonight, have a sigh of relief and sleep all the way through to London. But then, the herbal relaxant I take to calm my nerves will help with that, too.

I am sure I've mentioned that we are going on vacation, but in case I haven't... we are going on VACATION!!! TONIGHT!!!! We head to London then off to Kerry, Ireland for a week driving around the Irish countryside, ending up in Dublin. Then we take a ferry to Wales and a train to Cardiff where we soak in all the Dr. Who-ness that I can stomach (which is probably a lot more than G can!)... Then back to London for a few days with friends before we head home.

Sigh. It sounds good.

See you in a bit. I hope to have lots of good food times to share and a few pics of it all. Take care.

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