15 September 2007

The Whole Enchilada!

As you will see later on, we have much turkey leftover in our home, so last night, G used my secret recipe and made turkey enchiladas. We had sides of low-fat (but delicious) refried beans, red rice (basmati rice cooked with a spoonful of tomato paste, as G's family does it), and a small lemony salad.

We invited some friends over, opened a beautiful bottle of Henry of Pelham Gamay (go Ontario wine!), and ate our faces off.

As I have mentioned before, we have been remodeling our kitchen, and it is finally finished! (Pictures will follow once we get everything finally organized in there!) Cooking in the kitchen is fantastic, though a bit like cooking in someone else's home. However, it's been really interesting setting up in cabinets that were not there before. Everything is relatively accessible and the new counters and cabinets are beautiful!

The remodel itself has been both a trial and joy. Our contractor is brilliant. He's a friend of the family, and has gone out of his way to make sure that we are happy with the way things look. Part of the design was not quite right, but our contractor was adamant that things would be fixed to our liking. We didn't end up changing a thing. It was gorgeous, and again, he went out of his way to be sure that we were happy, calling every night and keeping us constantly updated.

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