02 September 2007

Teas, herbs, oh my!

Linda Rose sells herbs and teas in the farmer's market side of the St. Lawrence Market. I asked her for something that would help my stomach, which has been bothering me something fierce lately, and she told me to try Plantain Leaf, steeped in water. I also bought some raspberry leaf that is for a combo of digestive help and female issues. She said to start with the plantain, as it's more mild and will "fix" any sores in the stomach, and as my doctor seems to think I have ulcers again, why not give the tea a try? Linda said she's drying the herbs now, making teas for winter, while the garden's still in bloom. Her garden must be stunning!

I took some photos of her area, it's so beautiful.

The light streaming in from the overhead windows helped this (though I think my tooling about with my camera is helping too!). Linda makes it very nice, by having freshly brewed tea for you to try, in real tea cups, not styrofoam or something wasteful.

And the baskets of herbs are so nice looking. And here are the little takeaway bags of goodies...

So at around $5 CAD a bag, it can't be beat. I tried my plantain tea tonight, and so far so good. I love tea, and any tea that has medicinal properties, can't be beat. Linda had a sheet of paper at her booth that talked about a Healing Course that she is teaching, which I would love to take, but it's going to run through my vacation, so maybe next time!

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