02 September 2007

Whoa is the kitchen.

It's not finished. The kitchen is not finished. Let me repeat. The kitchen is not finished.

BUT. The good news is, we started to reclaim it anyway. We are still in need of backsplash, and the extra shelves we are having put in three of the cupboards, but otherwise, we are moving back in. So much so that tonight, I made dinner.

That's right. Roasted fresh yukon gold potatoes, meatloaf and fresh Ontario corn. Home cookin', baby. And it was just what the doctor ordered. I love eating in restaurants, and takeaway is a thing of beauty, but man, when three meals a day every day is take-out, it's nice to eat at home.

G and I have been joking around that it's like we have moved into an entirely new place. The kitchen is totally different, even thought it's not that vastly different, and re-learning where things are has been great. But it's great, and it's coming along.

Yesterday, we decided to take a trip to the farmer's market at the St. Lawrence. I may have mentioned how much we love going to the St. Lawrence market. It's nice this time of year because there is so much in season. You just want to buy it all!

Instead, we tried to temper our enthusiasm with a little reality about this weeks needs. Corn was a must, as were green beans, and peppers. Here's a little vignette of photos...

There is a family in the farmer's market at the St. Lawrence Market that sells farm fresh eggs. We buy our free-run brown eggs there, and they are really amazing. And at only $3.35CAD for a dozen, they are certainly the most economical. Well, yesterday was their SIXTIETH anniversary of selling their eggs at the market I think that's just amazing!

There they are, selling their eggs. Yum! The market got a cake for everyone, it was really sweet. G and I both got teary eyed.

Too sweet. Honestly. It's truly amazing to shop at this market. Everyone is so generous, and there really has gotten to be great sense of community as of late.

The other great buy of the market trip was a basket of strawberries. We've snacked on them all day long.

Oh yeah!!!! Yummmmmmmy!

Eating out so much has given me a new appreciation for fruit and veg.

So we're making due. Once the kitchen is finished (2010?) , I will post some photos of the finished kitchen. It's really looking good, though, and I am pleased that it's coming along, but it would be nice to have it be finished.

Tomorrow is a holiday. Holiday! Celebration! Come together, in every nation!!!

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