19 September 2007


Well... I blame it all on Smitten Kitchen. She posts the most amazing recipes and the day she posted about the best pizza ever, I was hooked. As the kitchen was still being reno'd, I waited. I patiently kept waiting for the day that it would work out. And then one day, amazingly, it did.

That day was last Sunday. With a Patriots game looming, and chilly fall weather outside, making pizza seemed like the best idea. So I brought in Lady Vic to the kitchen, pulled up the recipe, and started...

Oh yeah, we're ready to go.

And go I went. The first round of crust making (alas, no photos) was a disaster. The dough didn't rise. I think it may have been a two fold problem, 1) the water I used wasn't warm enough, and 2) the kitchen wasn't warm enough. So I rolled up my sleeves refused to be thwarted, and turned on that new oven and warmed it right on up in there.

Made the crust, made the AMAZING sauce, and put the pizza together...

The tomato sauce recipe on Smitten's site is amazing. It's going to become a stand-by. I could have eaten my weight in it. It was really sweet, but savoury and fresh tasting from the fresh tomatoes I bought at the market.

Yee haw.

Well, it was just delicious. It was comforting to roll out the dough, simmer the sauce, tear apart the fresh mozzarella ball, chopping the basil... Oh!!! And I almost failed to mention... I bought a pizza stone! It is amazing!!! You just slide the pizza on the very hot stone and BOB'S YOUR UNCLE! It's excellent!!!

I love Smitten's recipe, it's going to be mine forever. I am not gonna reprint it, because I didn't ask for permission, but really, go there, make it, love it, and send me a photo!

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