19 September 2007

Good stuff!

Food, glorious food. We've been enjoying the new kitchen, oh yeah, uh hunh.

And to celebrate, we ordered in from a fantastic takeaway, Rashnaa. I love Rashnaa. When you order everything comes in little bowls. I ordered the Butter Chicken Platter, which comes with rice, masala potatoes, and roti. We also ordered a raita to share and a beef pancake roll.

Here it is nicely laid out on my plate. I was so hungry, I had started eating when G yelled, "TAKE A PHOTO!!!"

G ordered the vegetable curry platter. She had spinach curry (eaten before it had a chance to begin), beet curry, potato curry, dal, and eggplant curry. Yum!!!

Mushes!!! All gooooood. I love Rashnaa. If you are ever at the corner of Parliament and Wellesley, check it out. Delish!

On another day, some day, who can keep track, we took our newly purchased President's Choice Burger First buns and made some lovely panini-ish sandwiches. I think this was Sunday, because we used the leftover turkey from Rosh Hashanah, and G's fantastico red peppers with the feta cheese that I bought from the pasta salad...

Served on a pile of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. Oh yeah. Love it. Nice sandwich. And run out and buy those President's Choice buns (if you are lucky enough to live in Canada!) because they take all the bun work out of hamburgers (and sandwiches!!).

And finally, last night's dinner. Giada de Laurentis from Everyday Italian made this soup on her show, and it's in her first cookbook. It's beyond easy, and beyond delicious, and I could eat it every day. Basically, you take two boxes of chicken broth, warm them up with a little pepper, when it's boiling you put in a package of fresh three cheese tortellini, cook it through, top with some parmesan, and enjoy!

It's the absolute easiest dinner, cheap and cheerful, yum.

I started to say that we made a salad, but I was too lazy to do that. But, I did buy some garlicky fresh bread to warm up on my pizza stone. Yum. So lovely.

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Powerfille (Get it?) said...

On my way to find those PC Burger First Buns today (fellow Canuck who loves everything PC), and some fresh tortellini for some o' that soup to feed to a sick hubby. Thanks!

dynagrrl said...

I hope the soup helped! :)

tfp said...

Hahaha, thank goodness for G telling you to take a photo! Your meal does look yummy, especially the roti!


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