14 January 2009

All We Do is Eat.

It's sad but true. I've said it before, but it's never more obvious than when I am updating the old blog. When I go home to Tulsa, all I want to do is eat. And eat. And eat. And spend time with Mom and D. And then eat. And then I come home to Toronto, and we start eating all over again. *Sigh*

Thank goodness I love food so much!

One afternoon, we had lunch at Zio's. When I was in University, I used to frequent Zio's quite a bit. It wasn't expensive, it was outside of Norman, and it was a nice break during law school. Now, when I am back in OK, it's a place where you go when you are really hungry and what a good inexpensive lunch.

We went early, so this may explain some of the issues. That's right, issues. Zio's is a chain restaurant, owned by the people who own Mazzio's pizza. It's normally really good, but when we went in December, it was not so god at all.

EXCEPT for the pepperoni bread. Basically a pepperoni calzone served with dipping sauce.

It looked promising when it was set down on the table. And then I cut into it. It WAS promising...

Oh yes. It was delicious. Really cripsy cooked, but soft and tender on the inside. The cheese was gooey and the sauce was fresh and lovely. We should have just stopped there.

I ordered a caesar salad because I was having a craving. It arrived...

Standard. But ICKY. It tasted like it had dishwater in it or something. My Mom tried some, too, and neither of us could quite place the off flavor, but it was definitely there.

Pushed aside, my pasta arrived. This pasta is one of my decadent favorites. It's a five cheese pasta, and I have to say that I like it was a little side of tomato sauce to cut the richness of the cheese.

Blah. It wasn't terrible. I didn't not eat it, like the salad. But it wasn't really good like I remembered. I should have had the chicken artichoke pasta. All in all, a disappointing lunch. Thank goodness there's my brother's baked pasta feast that he made Christmas Eve to take away the pain...

That's a good baked pasta!!!

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