14 January 2009

Ooh...I lied...

It's not all post-diet yet!

I used to eat McDonald's all the time. Really, back in the heady days of youth, I would go to the gym and drive-thru McDonald's (or Bueno) on the way home... I don't eat as much fast food by half here. First, fast food isn't as convenient as it was at home. I don't drive and something about walking fast food home for 20 minutes just doesn't resonate. Also, it's not that cheap here at all.

But the threat of a diet and all that makes you do crazy things... and one of my things was a little farewell for now McDonald's dinner...

Really, the double cheeseburger was my ultimate pig out food when I was in high school... honestly, it's ridiculous. I don't eat them very often because I think I could just eat them until I was unconscious. Why don't I feel that way about something good for you, like salmon or broccoli?

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