14 January 2009

A New Year A New Diet... but first... A Pasta Feast!

Well. G and I decided that after the new year and pre-vacation, we'd go on a little diet, so pretty soon, G's fabulous creations in the post-diet era will be seen... but as anyone knows who has ever been on a diet knows, the night before deserves a fest of some proportion.

G and I wanted a casual night that wouldn't cost a fortune and would give me a good healthy does of pasta and bready goodness. Cafe Diplomatico fit the bill because it's fairly close to our house and is almost always filled with people. This is a nice thing. I know that their food isn't the best and it's not snazzy downtown Italian food, but sometimes you just want to kick back someplace warm filled with chatting people eating and drinking and just enjoying themselves. And then you know where to go...

And first up was the bread.

It looked like it was going to be hot, but alas, it wasn't. But it was tasty. Fluffy and fresh, a really good showing.

We then decided to have an appetizer, which we always say we won't do and always do anyway. They had a crab and lobster dip that G thought sounded good... so we gave it a go...

It was tangy and creamy. One side of the plate had baked chips and the other side had fried, but no one mentioned it! So G and I are just chewing away on our respectively different chips until G notices the differences. Then I ate all of her side... it was better.

For the main course, I filled my hearts desire...fettuccine alfredo with chicken parmesan. I like the parm there because it's very simple and the chicken is so crispy that it just bursts with goodness when you bite into it. It's very satisfying. The alfredo tastes very homemade, where sometimes it's really good and runny and sometimes it's not so much... does this happen to you?

So it was a good blowout to the whole carbs thing. I mentioned before that we started the South Beach Diet. It's only no carbs for two weeks, and we are adding the carbs back slowly on Friday because our two weeks will be up. The two weeks are good, I think, not because carbs are evil, but because it makes you think of different things to eat...and I must say that G has really risen to the challenge...some good things are coming up...

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