02 April 2009

Some times, the food's gotta be fast...

As you may know if you know me at all, I have a life long love of McDonald's.

I know. I know. It's awful. I read Fast Food Nation. I'm a huge Michael Pollan fan. I know it's evil.

But sometimes, evil is just too good.

And when I travel to another country, I gotta try the McD's.

Yep. It looks the same. The bread was different, airier (just like all the buns I had there), and the meat tasted stronger. The insides looked the same... Look away now if you don't like the innard shots...

But all in all, it was Mcd's. I loved how the store had a FIFA World Cup clock ticking away...

So by this clock, you can calculate the exact moment I was there. If you can do that sort of math. Which I can't.

But it wasn't just McD's that made the list for fast food.

After a grocery store trip at the Fruit and Veg City (great grocery store!), S promised us delicious boerrie rolls from the lady who ran a cart outside.


Boerwoers sausage with grilled mushrooms and a squirt of ketchup and mustard. It was such a great sandwich, but the meat was waaaaayyyyyyy longer than the bun!!! See?

It was completely bizarre. So we tore the meat in half and had a double. It was really delish. Another S triumph!

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