08 January 2011

Breakfast of Champions!

Yesterday had a nice twist to it.  We were out looking at housewares and we stopped at the best British Food Store in the whole province.  It's located at the Eglinton Square shopping centre, and totally rocks.  But honestly, they outdid themselves last night.  They had one of my most favourite foodstuffs in stock...

Yeah!!!  Yeah!!! Yeah!!!

We were so excited, but it was a bit late so we stocked up on provisions there including some really delicious Scottish bread and some Dubliner's cheese in order to make ourselves some extremely rocking breakfast sandwiches.

Despite our plans to get out early and go to the markets this morning, the snow had a different idea.  So leisurely breakfast was on order!

Lovely toasted bread with a perfectly fried egg, cheese, and a big ol' dollop of Baxter's tomato chutney.  And if it's up to scratch for the Queen...

... it's good enough for me.

And oh yeah, that rockin' Okie Grown mug in the background?  It's mine.  A super good Christmas present from my brother and I love using it for tea.

Good morning!!!

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