12 January 2011

Gourmet in Aurora

It's not often that I post anything about anything that happens in Aurora. I basically work there and the food aspect of it is not particularly remarkable - in large part because I take my lunch to work most of the time. Anyway, today I had a lunch meeting and we went to the Edward Street Bistro. I didn't realize it was actually a restaurant. I'd been into the gourmet food store and knew it had a sandwich and coffee bar so was surprised that lunch ended up being more than soup and salad at a counter.

I started off with the soup of the day, an excellent seafood chowder. Iam often wary of chowders that often tend to be a little gelatinous for my taste. This was had a light broth with loads of chopped up vegetables and chunks of fish in the bottom. And it was a decent sized cup - not too much but more than enough to enjoy.

I will say that generally I would not order a hamburger at a business lunch but how could I pass up a $19 bison-kobe beef burger? I couldn't and I didn't. It came dressed with Jensen aged white cheddar, red wine onion, topped with a giant crispy onion ring and seved with a generous helping of frites. Really one of the most delicious burgers that I've ever eaten. Good stuff. If you're in the area, give it a try. It's not cheap but is probably the best food in town.

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