16 January 2011


J here.

As I have mentioned at least a million times, I follow Weight Watchers.  As you may know, if you care about such things, the while Weight Watchers plan changed at the end of last year and it's been a bit strange for me.  I never seemed to have a difficult time following the plan, but lately, I have been.  I think part of it is just that it's different and I still have to get my brains around the fact that spending more points on breakfast, or something similar, is not such a big deal because I have more points to start with.  But it's also because things around here have been quite stressful getting ready for the move.  It's tiring and frustrating and the condo seems to be in a constant mess!  It is not conducive to getting anything accomplished in the kitchen, but it IS conducive to going up the street and chowing down at Ginger.  *Sigh*  It's never easy, is it?  But that's what life is.  Having hard parts and smooth parts and making sure it balances out in the end of it to the best that it can and you can.

Anyway, in the spirit of that, I decided to make granola.  I am on a big greek yogurt kick, and the yogurt with a bit o' granola makes for a filling breakfast.  However, granola that you buy in the store is REALLY caloric.  So for my first attempt, I used a recipe found on Everbody Likes Sandwiches, which can be found here.  It was super easy and super deluxe!  See for yourself...

Yum!!!  It's clumpy, but wayyyyy too sweet so next time, less sugar.  Also, G talked me into getting these golden raisins that taste really ass-y to me, so no more of those.  But otherwise, it's fantastic.  We turned it into 20 servings at about 2 points a serving.

We took photos of the cooking process, but they are really yellow.  I am SO hopeful that the new house will have better lighting in the kitchen so the photos of the process will be better.  But whatever, it is what it is.  I am a professional lawyer, not a professional cook or photographer so I suppose it's all okay.

Anyway, I do recommend this recipe highly!  It's really nice to have something that's made from your own kitchen with ingredients you trust.  Good luck and drop me a line if you try it.

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Anonymous said...

I make the granola from the Barefoot Contessa for Tayler. She eats it with plain yogurt. Crystal like it also, she eats on top of ice-cream. Its really easy to make. A little expensive though.

Love ya,
Aunt Linda
P.S. glad you guys are blogging again!!!


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