08 January 2011

Livin' Large.

I love cookbooks and food magazines.

I have dozens of them.  I subscribe to a number of food magazines and I buy cookbooks when they catch my fancy.

The trouble is, I don't always have time to cook from them because there's always a steady stream of magazines and books coming in!  New Year's Resolution?  To cook from every cookbook I have, and to make at least one thing each month from each food magazine I subscribe to.  Yikes.  It sounds daunting already and none of my food subscriptions have even come in yet!

On the cookbook front, I am stoked, though!  While I was home in the great state of Oklahoma, I bought myself a new cookbook...

I read it the second I got back home and promptly ordered her second cookbook.  Lots of what she makes is familiar to me, and lots is what I imagine my life would have been like living with a more steady church goin' family in the 1950's instead of the rock awesome family that I actually lived with.  Regardless though, it's absolutely fabulous!  Cream of something in lots of the recipes and things that sound amazingly comforting.  So yeah for having this resolution BEFORE I bought this cookbook, because I am going to be kicking it southern style.  (While lightening what I can for the Weight Watchers part of me, of course!)

We are also in the process of preparing to move and it's been quite daunting.  Trying to find a mover that is reasonably priced (I mean, sheesh, we're moving across town not across the country!), reliable, and that will help us do this thing stress-free!  I'll keep you updated!

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the New Year as much as I am.  Happy Days!

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Hazel said...

Hey there, I am looking forward to those awesome southern recipes. I totally love "comfort food". Happy Blog Year!!


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