08 August 2007

G's Brilliance and My Takeaway.

Last night, G decided to use up some of our veg from a week or so ago, and went to work to concoct a beautiful stuffed veg dinner. She stuffed the bell zukes, the large yellow squash, a tomato and a red pepper. The stuffing was made from ground meat and rice, and it was excellent. G always makes something fancy. Here it is...

So tonight was my go. Work wore me down today, lots to do and the day felt long and way too short all at the same time, so I couldn't think of a single thing...

So I ordered Chinese takeaway, as I have been craving Chinese food, and it was easy. We ordered from a new place, and it was pretty darn good. Here's the buffet...

Fried meat dumplings... not fried enough and not worth it.

From there... we can look at the lovely Tingly Szechuan Beef in Black Bean Sauce. Oh yeah, it was really nice.

I don't know what it is about chinese beef that it is always so soft... but this was really tasty, and the veg were cooked nicely! We also ordered a Shanghai Soft Noodle (I think), which we ordered vegetarian. It was big fat noodles in a really light sauce... delish!

Oh it didn't end there. Then there was Fried Chili Chicken and this ROCKED the clock.

And we also got a free order of Cantonese Chow Mein.

There's some noodles under there, really!

Anyway, all in all, we ordered way too much, and I enjoyed it way too much. So my dinner, while not made from my own hand, was ordered on the phone by me, and I opened the door and took the food, and.... okay. No comparison. But still, I enjoyed it all the same...



tfp said...

Ooooh, the Shanghai soft noodles look right up my alley. And that chilli fried chicken looks like something Jac would love! How come the chow mein was free?

The Famous "G" said...

yeah, the shanghai soft noodles were GRIM-O-LA as warmed up leftovers though!

The chow mein was free because we ordered more than $25 of food and this place has a whole selection of dishes that you can get for free if you spend that much. Pretty excellent.


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