02 August 2007

Monkfish...ummm....no thanks.

Cook with Jamie is such a beautiful cookbook with some great ideas.

So, when G saw a recipe for monkfish with mash, she thought, Fish from Jamie, it'll be great!!!

And it did look nice...

The fish had an olive-y tapenade thing on it, and G cooked up some of our fresh zukes.

The mash was good.

The zuke was good.

The monkfish... well... it wasn't so good. It may be our inexperience with cooking fish, but it was really rubbery, with a texture almost like lobster. Which would be fine if you liked lobster. But I hate lobster BECAUSE of its texture, so the monkfish was really just not working for me.

I ate about half of the fish, all the mash (I had seconds) and the squash.

Thanks Jamie but no thanks.

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