19 August 2007

Kitchen reno's, eating on the fly and dust.

It's been a crazy week. Our kitchen renovations have started. Currently, we have no kitchen. Just a concrete floored room where the kitchen used to be.

So this was the first day devastation. We have terrible lighting in our kitchen so I apologize for the krap-ness of these photos.

No kitchen means lots of eating out, which is fine, except it gets really tiring. REALLY tiring. We went for pizza at this place called Brass Taps, which is slightly sketchy seeming. But, we had a two-for-one coupon and a dream of something that we had not yet had. So off to Brass Taps it was.

And good thing.

It was fantastic. I had the pizza called Charlito's Way, which was pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms. OMG. It was absolutely perfect. The crust is thin and tasty, the pepperoni is spicy and not greasy, and perfectly cooked, and the cheese was the right amount. With a cold beer, it was a really nice, our house is a construction zone, meal.

It was even better than it looks.

G had the lasagna, which was on special for $10.99. (I think my pizza was$11.99.) The lasagna is not crazy cheesey (even though it seems it on the top) and the tomato sauce tastes very fresh and sweet.

It was really really nice. And for the price (especially since it was free with the two for one coupon!) it couldn't be beat. Truly some of the best pizza I have had in T.O so far. And really, it was nice because it was in our neighborhood, had some great '80's music in the background, and a good all over vibe.

The kitchen reno continues (though not today, because both the Lord and our contractor needs a day off).

Here's where the wall between the kitchen and the living room used to be.

The sink will go back there, but the counter will go straight into the living room, instead of going up to a bar sink pass-throughy thing like it was.

This is the same place, but from in the kitchen. Our washer and dryer used to open into the kitchen, but we've had that wall changed so that it now opens into the hallway, which will be much nicer.

The reno continues tomorrow. We are having our floors installed, with a quick dry solution so we can come into the house tomorrow evening. On Tuesday morning, our new kitchen cabinet and counter are being delivered. On Wednesday it will be installed. On Thursday and Friday, the kitchen will be gussied up and painted. And on Friday our new stove will be delivered! Our sink and faucet have already been delivered, and we're keeping the fridge and dishwasher as they are both new... Exciting times at Chez Us.

The cats have managed. Sasha hides and Bello just rolls with it. He has made do with his favourite chair being covered by sheets...

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