03 August 2007

South St. Burger's and Home Depot.

G and I are remodeling our dinky little kitchen, and we have decided to splash out on a proper 30" stove. Oh yeah. Getting rid of the dinky apartment model feels so grown up! So last night, we went to Home Depot to look at the stove we both like (a nice GE model) that we can't find anywhere else. More on the stove once we actually have it in the kitchen...

But yesterday was one of those "bird glued to your head days" (I love the movie "Forget Paris"!) and I was in a bit of a foul mood. So imagine my surprise to see that a South St. Burger (owned by NY Fries) had opened up in the same suburban squalor shopping plaza as the Home Depot! We picked out the stove and went in for a look!

Looked pretty good! And while it doesn't seem like it from this photo, the place was hopping!

The menu is basic. There are four things on the main menu. Hamburger. Chicken. Veggie Burger. Kiddie Burger. Then there are the options of bacon and/or cheese. Then fries or onion rings (which were dear in price, but delicious), poutine or just gravy, and drinks. They take your order (Hamburger. Cheese. Bacon. Fries. Gravy. Sprite.) Then down the little row it goes for someone to build your hamburger from the patty up!

The bun is grilled (score!) and the toppings are generous! Avocado, four different types of cheese, sauces, jalapenos, bbq sauce, mango chutney and so on. I had a lot of toppings because I kept discovering more as I waited for my hamburger to finish cooking!!!

The food comes in this cute little metal tray.


And it was good in that Canadian homeburger/hamburger way. I loved it and will definitely go back, though next time, no bacon or gravy. It was a first time only sort of thing. But the number of toppings and sauces I had made it a little difficult to eat!

The price was alright, for dinner out. I think it came to around $12. Oh, and G had the rings...


So if you find yourself in Leaside... give her a whirl.

We are off in the morning for a long weekend of camping with G's fam. We are stocked up on granola bars, gatorade, and rice krispie treats. There will be some nice dinners, so I will try to take pics of the action and post them when I return. Until then, I bid you PEACE!

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