29 August 2007

No food today.

I am alive. The kitchen renovation (and work!) has taken over my entire life. The house is a mess, I can't find Lady Victoria (my Mac) half the time, my camera is hiding away somewhere, and I can't even find my desk. In fact, I am typing right now, on the covers on the couch, waiting for more take-out, I've uncovered the television in order to watch a little Food Network.

But the good news is...the bulk of the reno is going to be finished on Friday, so we will be reassembling our kitchen and COOKING this weekend and food pics and updates will follow!!!

Hope all is well with everyone, and looking forward to coming back...


Sally said...

Coincidence city: we are renovating our kitchen too, though not as much as you. We just got the new countertops installed today! Plumbing is next week.

dynagrrl said...

I want to see pics, Sally!! Our kitchen was not completed on Friday, as promised. We are unpacking anyway. Grr! :)


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