26 April 2009

Builder's Breakfast -or- how Walker's made me want to hurl.

While on our stop-over in London, I did some damage in the WH Smith bookshop at Heathrow. I love the bookstores in London. And the airport shops are no different. Sooo many magazines and great books, and new books in "airport softcover" when they are still hardcover everywhere else. So of course, I had to set out and make some purchases. (A few things: all the April food magazines (Olive, BBC GoodFood, Delicious) because it is so much cheaper to buy them there then to buy them here... the latest Ian M. Banks book Matter, and the Jamie Oliver magazine (crap).)

We also picked up some Walker's crisps. As mentioned before, the worcester flavour Walker's are the very very best. Without question. They were having a contest for a new flavour and had produced the top few and put them into circulation. I bought and sampled the Builder's Breakfast...

NO NO NO NO NO. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. I am going to be graphic and indelicate here, so do forgive me, but they tasted like bacon and ketchup burps. And really I don't care what kind of day I am having, I will never want to sit down and eat chips that taste like burped up bacon and ketchup. NEVER. If that sounds like a treat to you, see if you can get these. I wished I had bought the cajun squirrel chips instead.

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