26 April 2009

Random food.

Dinner can sometimes result in a complete meltdown in our house. We're tired, we're stressed out, and we're trying to get the best dinner on the table possible without tons of dishes. But we almost always manage to come up with something tasty, even if it isn't incredibly photogenic or exciting.

This dinner is one that was pretty and delicious, however.

Stuffed Peppers! G browned some ground beef and mixed it with rice and seasonings.

G also made an amazing quajado using the aforementioned recipe that her Auntie Rae in SA uses.

We also had a very normal dinner of breaded chicken and peas and smashed potatoes. This is a favorite dinner in our house. It's simple and delicious.

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1 comment:

timinganddelivery.com said...

Stuffed peppers...great choice! Glad to see you've 'broken theme' for this one. Nice job! :)


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