18 April 2009

Dinner at the Lodge -- I do Kudu.

The second night was crazy! Our safari drive was cut short by a monstrous rain storm that was beautiful while it was approaching, and frightening when it hit! Our drive Geoff raced through the range to get us to the lodge safely, but early. The rain was pouring and we all sat in the lounge and had a drumming lesson while the kitchen staff prepared us a lovely dinner.

Here's my first plate...

The game on the menu the second night was kudu. It was basically a tenderloin of kudu that had been grilled on the bbq and was all smokey tasting from the rain. It was absolutely and without question one of the most delightful things I had ever tasted!

Wow. It was just amazing. Kudu rules all the way 'round. It was one of my favorite meats that we tasted AND I bought a beautiful kudu purse while staying in Cape Town. God Bless the mighty kudu!

And for those among us not ready to taste the beloved kudu, there was a lamb roast...

It was very lamb-y, and a bit outside my lamb comfort zone. More kudu, please!

There were also some very lovely hassleback potatoes...

And rice! I love rice and potatoes. Bring on the carbs!

There was also a big bowl of cheesey cauliflower and broccoli...

And there was a giant helping of mixed veggies.

Eh. Not my cup of tea, but so be it really.

And then came the showstopper. After wine and food and stories of the rain, we were served a delightful dessert...

Banana crepe with cream and little cocoa pawprints. TOOOOOO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! I loved it! Everyone oohed and ahhhed and dug into their dessert. It was delicious.

It's amazing how hungry and tired you can be when all you do is eat and relax! We went back to our canvas tree top room (which was gorgeous and very sturdy) and crawled into our gigantic bed and fell straight to sleep. It was a good day.

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