10 April 2009

Shabbat Dinner -- Fried Fish!

While in Cape Town, we had a Friday night Shabbat dinner at G's Aunt and Uncle's beautiful house. It was such a lovely dinner!

G's Aunty R made a lovely dinner. She made a smokin' quajado. Now G makes quajado quite often, but Aunty R made it totally different with potato. Should I back up and explain quajado? Okay.

Quajado is a spinach, egg, and cheese dish that G makes with matzah as the binder. Aunty R's quajado was made with spinach, egg, cheese, and POTATO. AND instead of frying it in a pan like a frittata, Aunty R bakes it in the oven in a casserole dish. It was an absolute TRIUMPH!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy quajado oddly because it has spinach in it, but Aunty R's was the tops. G's made it that was since we've been home and it's just so delicious. And because it's baked, it's less greasy.

Anyway, quajado. Yeah. Yum. AND Aunty R made an absolute lovely breaded fish and sauce called agristada that was a little different. The sauce was absolutely out of control. I must have eaten four pieces of fish and a cup of that sauce.

The picture does none of it justice...

I am not a fan of fish as a general rule, but this was amazing.

If you are ever in Cape Town, try to score an invite to Shabbat Dinner at Aunty R and Uncle M's. It's amazing and delicious and they are amazing hosts. G's family are an amazing bunch of people. This family dinner was so pleasant and I really appreciated how welcome they all made me feel.

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