26 April 2009

Now on to something completely different.

Today is a new experiment with the old HOT blog. I am going to leave the sunny shores of South Africa and start blogging about some things that have happened since I've been home (which we've been home now for TWO months!). Also, this is my first post from new netbook. I am giving the netbook a go, I bought a pretty solid one (I think) from tigerdirect.ca in order to have a computer that is even more portable than my mac (which is about to go into the shop) and that is lighter and easier to carry around with me. So far, so good, but I haven't made a blogpost yet using it and the photo editor program I downloaded, so bear with me while I get used to a) blogging from windows and b) blogging from my teensy 8.9 inch netbook. DISCLAIMER OVER AND OUT!

When we returned from vacation, we both had a craving for Greek food. The weather was crap and we didn't want to go out so we found a place that delivers and made a big order. Kalyvia is a Greek restaurant on the Danforth that also has pizza. We've been there a few times now because they are one of the restaurants in our coupon book (we're such grannies) and the food is really solid. We'd never done delivery before so we gave it a go.

First up... massive Greek salads...

This came with the dinner and we each got one this size. It looks from the photo like the small styro container, but it's not at all. The Greek salad is good, really astringenty with lots of lemon and oregano. The feta they use is really nice and creamy and not too salty.

I ordered the beef kebab which comes with rice and potatoes.

Lots of meat, really nice rice with mushrooms, and the most amazing potatoes. I don't know how they cook theirs, but they have so much amazing flavour and they are unbelievably soft and fluffy. Really tops.

I also ordered a side of the gigantes, which is probably my favorite Greek menu item...

Oh yeah. These were amazing. It's crazy how much I crave these beans!!! They are tender to eat, with a rich tomato and onion sauce. I could eat rice and these beans for dinner every night of the week and not be at all sad.

All in all it was a very good dinner. We couldn't eat all the food that was delivered, so we made little lunch packages for the next day and felt pretty smug about the whole affair! If you are in Toronto, give it a try. We've eaten in the restaurant a few times and it's always got people in it and the food is solid. And if you've had the pizza, send me an email and let me know how it is.

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