10 April 2009

Steer Burger -- A South African Delight.

Yeah. I love hamburgers. I do. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Hamburgers. I love 'em. Live, love, eat hamburgers.

As I said in my last post, I love trying hamburgers different places. Again, as I've said, Canadian hamburgers are not my fave. S declared that Steer Burgers were the fast food hamburger champions of Cape Town. When someone throws down something like that, you gotta give it a go.

So one afternoon as G and I were walking around the Victoria and Albert Wharf, we saw a Steer and had to have a quick stop.

The hamburger was pretty good. It was somewhat like a Canadian hamburger in that it was a little more pressed (??? I don't even know what that means!) then I like, but it was pretty good. Underneath, it was pretty impressive...

BUT, it was the summer in Cape Town and that tomato was totally grim. I took it off. And the bun was really airy like all buns I had in Cape Town. They just seem to disintegrate as you eat them. They are just incredibly light and fluffy.

The fries were meh, the ketchup is so crazy vinegar-y that it's really a totally different taste. I really enjoyed it.

OH! And the Steer Burger had something called "macon" instead of bacon because it was apparently a hallal shop. I've never seen that before. You really DO experience new things when you go on holiday. (ha ha)

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