25 November 2009

Diet Breakfasts.

One of the biggest changes I have made in my diet is eating breakfast. And because of I am going to eat breakfast, I want something savory, I have been making lots of breakfast sandwiches to eat as I am getting ready in the morning, or while blog reading on the weekends.

Here's a sampling...

This would be scrambled eggs on top of turkey bacon covered with diet cheese (sticks to your teeth something FIERCE) on top of a toasted Weight Watchers bagel. I am drinking out of my new travel coffee mug from Indigo. I love the "J" cozy!

Here's a closer version...

The cheese just basically plasticizes over it all. I can't imagine that this cheese food is healthy, but it's low in points, so I bought a package to give it a go. I just bought a new kind to try, so we'll see if it's any better...

This was my attempt at making a "kitchen sink" scramble:

This had leftover potato, tomato, turkey pepperoni, and a little bit of diet cheese on top of Weight Watchers english muffins. This was weird but tasty all the same!

These morning eggs are meant to fill me up, but I eat smaller versions during the week to help me get through the morning. I eat a lot of eggs, and I worry about the cholesterol but at the same time, they are just so convenient!

OH! And I've been making eggs in the microwave for sandwiches, and the Ziploc twist tupperwares, the eggs come out the right size for Weight Watchers bagels or english muffins! You basically take a plastic container and if you want, spray with just a touch of cooking spray. Then break in an egg, put in a little bit of water (or milk if you are so inclined) and salt and pepper. Scramble it up. Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds or so. Our microwave is not very strong, so I usually put it in for about 56 seconds. Put on toasted bread with some fake cheese and ketchup and five points later you're laughing!


Peggy said...

sandwiches look great! have you ever tried poaching an egg and putting it on a sandwich? divine!

dynagrrl said...

Peggy, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I don't know HOW to poach an egg! But I do love poached eggs!


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