23 November 2009

That's between me and my cardiologist... a review.

Oh yeah.


That up there is a craftburger and fries, taken with my iPhone camera. What's a girl to do when she goes to the cardiologist and is told she has old man veins and needs to drop some weight? She goes out for the best burger in Toronto... Craftburger!!!

As you can read in the Toronto Star, there are a bunch of new gourmet hamburger places springing up around the city. And no, I haven't tried them all. This little lady only has so many points on her WW plan, so there aren't many hamburgers in my days and nights right now. But, the last hurrah of good food was this lovely craft burger dinner. (Actually, on second glance, this might have been the one before the last hurrah. Regardless, it's the point of the matter not the facts of the matter, so I am sure you understand.)

Craftburger is GREAT. The meat is the perfect thickness, the buns just the right amount of give, and the toppings are fresh and tasty. It's truly the best hamburger I have had in my more than five years of living in this city, and it's the one I dream about. (Not that I am a girl who dreams about hamburgers... oh no no no no... that would be weird.... okay, maybe one dream a year...)

We did recently have a lunch and dinner (at one time) at the Gourmet Burger Company. Not nearly so good and a really unpleasant Burger King-esque repeat all night. NOT GOOD. But Craftburger.... yum.

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