23 November 2009

More Cute Cat Pictures (or at least they're cute to me)

Everyone says this, but in my house it's true, we have the best cats in the entire world.

Bello sat on the edge of the table for about ten solid minutes letting me take pictures of him from all angles, trying out the new camera, focusing and moving the camera to frame the shot. He's such a calm boy, he just looks at me like "yeah, i'm good lookin'... snap away".

Beanie on the other hand...

Oh yeah, can't be bothered to even try and be presentable. She is a 100% belly to the wind kind of girl, and this is her favorite pose.

But this is probably her cutest picture ever...

She was sleeping in the giant Jacob bag (which is terrible, I know). When I moved it, not realizing she was in there, she stuck her paw out like "hey! I'm sleeping in here!" She was not pleased when I removed her and since then we have been far more careful with leaving plastic bags around.

Ahhhh, cute cats. We don't eat cats so these photos may not be the most appropriate for a food blog, but they are too cute to not share with the world. If you disagree, scroll on!

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